November 2022 - Solopreneur Life

Hey y'all. There's a little bit of background I've been wanting to share for awhile but, honestly, I haven't been sure of the 'right' way to do it. Although I suppose not sharing it at all is the only real 'wrong' way to say something, ya know? So here goes.

I (slowly) started working on the Shopify store about two years ago. It was a user and budget friendly option for someone who's ecommerce experience was eBay in the 2000's and (more currently) Facebook Marketplace. (Oh, and Amazon in the 2010's for reselling those chonky college textbooks after I was done using them.) I was looking for a professional online storefront that was my own, something that both myself and the brand could grown with.

This was - and still is - especially important because my current 9-5, bill paying retail job is, even on a 'good' day, demanding. And I'm one of those freaks that goes above and beyond even when it's not required, because when I'm working on something, I like to give it my all. Leave it all on the field, so to speak. As you may have heard, over the past two years, the size and turnover going on in certain sectors has been ongoing. If you've been working one of these (big shoutout to the medical field for sure), I feel you. We are tired. Even if you don't do as much of the  physical work, the exhaustion at every level (emotional, psychological, etc.) is real. 

Now I'm not saying this to complain or ask for sympathy. The whole world is going through it right now. All of this is only to say - I create when I can. During the week there's hardly a semblance of work/life balance, let alone work/life/solopreneur balance. On the weekends, I create, post, and research more ways to create and post lol. The side hustle only feels like a hustle because I have to hustle to be as productive as possible within 48 hours. My last vacation, I happily hustled and created and worked (even if it doesn't always feel like work!) on Curating Cantrelle at least 40 hours - and still had energy, drive and desire to keep going.

It was actually one of the best vacations, if you can believe that. They say to create a life you don't need a vacation from. My friends, that is what the goal is, isn't it? I want that for you and I'm working on that for myself, too. To keep learning, creating, growing and evolving. And, hopefully, to keep sharing it with all of you.

Thanks so much for reading,


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