December 2022 - Getting Organized

Happy December! Thanks to the growing darkness winter brings and the (seasonally based) growing demands on personal/professional time, it's been kinda quiet around here. I've been thinking this sort of quietness is what the 'long winter's nap' from the Night Before Christmas poem is all about. Right now, I've got my beanies and cranked the self-care as high as it goes.


Today the shop got an updated navigation menu and I even added the blog to the footer menu. Not too shabby for a non coding expert.

And I've even figured out which designs go into each shops! The majority of my made on demand designs are going to continue to live here on Shopify.

Vintage (and nearly vintage) pieces will head to the Ebay Shop. (I added some made on demand pieces over there as well. Mostly it was to test out the Printful/Ebay integration, which turned out to be pretty seamless.)

I might sneak the occasional made on demand design into the Etsy Shop, but the majority of what you'll find there will be tie-dye's, upcycled, reworked, and other hand altered items. (*one of my goals for 2023 is actually to get over being intimidated by sewing machines.) 

Does anyone else have a sort of an ADD when it comes to creativity? There are so many methods, tools and techniques to try and then you combine that with internal and external inspirations ... it's a whole heckin lot ;)   I mean, there are worse habits to have I suppose. I'm not sure the always wanting to try three things at the same time will ever be organizable in my brain lol.

Hopefully the new year brings both some peace and excitement for your brains as well.

Cantrelle :)

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