Shop Talk

December 2022 - Getting Organized

Happy December! Thanks to the growing darkness winter brings and the (seasonally based) growing demands on personal/professional time, it's been kinda quiet around here. I've been thinking this sort of quietness is what the 'long winter's nap' from the Night Before Christmas poem is all about. Right now, I've got my beanies and cranked the self-care as high as it goes.


Today the shop got an updated navigation menu and I even added the blog to the footer menu. Not too shabby for a non coding expert.

And I've even figured out which designs go into each shops! The...

November 2022 - Solopreneur Life

Hey y'all. There's a little bit of background I've been wanting to share for awhile but, honestly, I haven't been sure of the 'right' way to do it. Although I suppose not sharing it at all is the only real 'wrong' way to say something, ya know? So here goes.

I (slowly) started working on the Shopify store about two years ago. It was a user and budget friendly option for someone who's ecommerce experience was eBay in the 2000's and (more currently) Facebook Marketplace. (Oh, and Amazon in the 2010's for reselling those chonky college textbooks after I was...