February 2023

Hey there! How was your January? Did temperatures where you are seem a little warmer than the traditional deep freeze of January? My photographer friend and I went trudging through mushy snow on the search for owls yesterday - in hoodies and sneakers. Wild. 

And then today we went to the big box retailer (the one with the red bullseye). It was my first time inside that store in over a year and wow. It's not at all what I remember. Today's in store experience reinforced my commitment low impact, yet quality, easy to shop, unique designs that I create...

January 2023

Happy New Year! 

Alright, we're a week into '23 and I'm still pumped about the opportunities and the perspective refresh a new year can bring with it. Here's to hanging onto that perspective, to remembering it when it's needed most. We can do this :)